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Trueform General Portable Spa Pool
Start up Instructions

  1. SITE: A firm, level, base, such as a 100mm concrete pad, deck or patio is recommended, pavers may also be used provided the ground beneath is firm and will not compact when the spa is full. Ensure the spa is properly supported as improper support may cause the spa shell to distort and IS NOT covered under warranty. Most spa’s hold around 1,000 litres of water, so when full can weigh between 1,200 – 1,500kg. If in doubt ASK!
  2. ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: Generally our spa’s require a dedicated 15 amp electrical supply connected to a weatherproof 15A plug that is protected by an RCD (Residual current device). It will NOT plug into an ordinary plug socket! The spa is supplied with a 3m cable fitted with a 15 amp plug. The cord can be taken out any side of the spa cabinet. ‘Check in’ a cutout for the cord in the bottom rail to allow the door to sit flush. Connection should only be carried out by a registered electrician. Provision is made for optional 32 amp hardwired supply. If in doubt ASK!
  3. PUMP & HEATER SETUP: Spa pump and heater unions may have loosened in transit. Check all pump/heater unions are tight and spa is free of debris prior to filling.

  4. FILLING: Fill the water level indicated on the spa skimmer box inside the spa. Check all jets are open by ensuring all jet faces are rotated anti clockwise. Check all air bleeds are fully closed – turned clockwise, for initial heating. 

  5. OPERATING: Turn on and allow to heat up to desired temperature. Our spa’s are usually factory preset to 37/38 degrees (recommended temperature) and will automatically heat to this setting and then shut down the pump. Initial heating times will vary depending on time of year, ambient temperature and model, from as little as 6-7 hours in Summer and up to 12 hours in Winter is normal.
  6. KEYPAD SETTINGS: Consult manufacturers keypad instructions for full details of the keypad buttons and should you wish to alter settings – this booklet is located under the keypad side of cabinet and is usually cable tied to a pipe. If fitted, spa "Sleep Timer" will need to be deactivated to allow spa to heat up initially.  "Spa Net" controllers require the real time clock to be set, and will need to be rebooted to allow spa to heat up properly from start.  If in doubt ASK!!
  7. VERY IMPORTANT: Balance water on refilling by having a full water test analysis done in the shop on our Waterlink lab then following the easy steps. Staff are trained to assist you to ensure the water chemistry is correct. This is very important for 1. Bather comfort, 2. Chemical efficiency, 3. Protection of pool and equipment especially the heater which is in contact with the water. Failure to Maintain Correct Water Balance Will Void Your Warranty.
  8. CHEMICAL BALANCING: Always add chlorine (sanitizer) AFTER using the spa and let the main jets run for 10-15 minutes after adding before placing the cover on the pool. Close air bleeds when not in use. Always have the jets running when adding chemicals, always add chemicals as per the water test printout recommendations.  
    If using chorine, maintain Free Chlorine level of 3-5 ppm on test kit, and if the spa is fitted with an Ozone unit then maintain level of 1-3 ppm on test kit. The actual amount required will vary from pool to pool depending on use and bather loading. A very general guide would be 1 teaspoon per bather per day.

  9. WATER TESTING: Test pool at least weekly with test strips. Refer back of test strip bottle for guide to ideal levels. If using any additional chemicals such as; Enhance, Stain & Scale, refer weekly top up dose recommendations.
  10. Monthly bring a sample in to the shop for a full water test analysis in the bottle provided for a back up test on the lab. As well as a back up service this will also help us tell you when it is time to empty the spa. If in doubt ASK! 

  11. MAINTENANCE: 2 Weekly: Remove and hose the filter cartridge(s)
  12. 2-3 MONTHLY - depending on use, drain and refill the spa. Drain tap is now located near to the keypad on the outside of the spa. Unscrew the cap and pull out the valve to open it. This is time do to any cleaning etc required and chemically clean the filter cartridge using a proper Cartridge Cleaner. Spa acrylic surface is best wiped down with a damp towel and any stubborn stains removed with a non abrasive cleaner such as “Methylated Spirits”.
  13. CARE OF CEDAR CABINET & DURATEK CABINET: For best results re oil the cabinet approximately every 6 months with an oil based timber stain until the timber stops absorbing the oil. The original finish is currently Wattyl Forestwood ‘Rustic Oak’ or “Black Bean”.  Duratek cabinets only require soft damp cloth or soft bristle brush.
  14. CARE OF VINYL COVER: Apply a vinyl protectant such as ‘Armour All’ or similar every 6 months.
  15. ECONOMY: There is no absolute guarantee on how much power your spa will use as there are too many variables; heater size, time of year, ambient temperature, location, usage. However, there are several things you can do to lessen the impact; site the spa in a sheltered location out of the prevailing cold wind. We supply pools with 2 speed pumps for economy where possible, consider adding further insulation around the exterior of the pool beneath the cabinet (such as Pink Batts) to insulate the pipe work and heater (do not cover the pump(s).

 Enjoy your spa!

Please note:- This has been prepared exclusively for new portable spa’s sold by the Spa & Pool Warehouse Ltd and is based on our own experience. It is not intended to replace any manufacturer’s recommendations.