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Salt Water Swimming Pools:

Carry out general pool spring 'house keeping' as per normal pool start up list up to step 11. Your salt chlorinator will produce chlorine automatically from the salt in the pool water but will require setting up properly first.

Also check & clean the salt chlorinator 'cell' or electrode assembly for wear, delamination or cleaning of scale build up (see us if in doubt). 

Older model chlorinator cells will require manual cleaning in a 'Salt Cell Cleaner' solution or 9:1 solution of water/hydrochloric acid. Use extreme caution with either chemical - if in doubt ASK.

Once you have cleaned pool etc & balanced water as per lab printout add the required amount of pool salt recommended direct to the pool. 

Ensure salt cell output is 'OFF' until salt is dissolved, running too low on salt can prematurely damage the electrodes. Salt needs to be mixed in to avoid it sitting in a layer on the bottom of the pool. This can be done by:

1. Brushing/Vacuuming pool until dissolved  
2. Run your automatic pool cleaner  
3. Throw in the kids!

Once salt is dissolved & tests OK, turn on chlorinator output & adjust filter time to maintain 1-3 ppm Free Chlorine on test kit. Start at a lower output & increase as the pool temperature rises & the pool is used more. 

Don't forget to reduce output at the end of the season too!

Steps 12-17 for routine pool maintenance still apply. A monthly pool test will help keep an eye on things espcially your salt level or have salt checked after heavy rain.
A monthly maintenance dose of algaecide is recommended for algae free water & to free up sanitizer for swimming.

A monthly maintenance dose of ‘Stain & Scale Inhibitor' is recommended to prevent damage to salt cells & pool surfaces.