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Getting Your Swimming Pool Ready for a Gisborne Summer..........

Pool Start Up:

  1. If your pool has been ‘Winterised’ then follow these easy steps to trouble free, safe, sparkling water...
  2. Remove & store pool cover debris cover (if applicable)
  3. Check and empty skimmer and pump baskets, replace any that are split.
  4. Check & lube pump/filter O’rings & gaskets in regular use. Use a silicone lube such as ‘Hydraslip’ or ‘Super Lube’ Replace any O’rings that come off ‘black’ on your hands, they are perished and will cause problems.
  5. Scoop out leaves & any large debris - do not try & put these through the vacuum! Brush pool walls, floor & steps.
  6. Vacuum the pool as required & then backwash the filter.
  7. Apply ‘Natural Filter Cleaner & Degreaser’ as a pre season treatment as per instructions on packet (we recommend this at least 6 monthly to extend the life of the filter sand).
  8. Take a sample of pool water for water balancing prior to ‘shock dosing’ the pool. Bring this in the same day for testing.
  9. Start running pump daily & extend filter time to suit the pool & filter system (possibly 4-6 hours initially) for good circulation. Run the filter system in one continuous run & increase the filter time as it warms up & the pool is used more. Up to 8-10 hrs may be required depending on the pool requirements - see us for what's best for you.
  10. Shock dose pool @ approx 250g chlorine per 25,000l or 1 Bag ‘Pool Shock Dose’ per 50,000l of pool water. Apply an initial dose of algae inhibitor for algae prevention
  11. Chemically balance’ the pool water as per analysis printout. Maintaining good water balance aids chemical use & protects both the pool surface, equipment & bathers.
  12. Even if you are not swimming yet - start your 3 STEP programme straight away! Sanitize continously with Trichlor Tablets. Oxidise or Shock dose periodically (1-2 weeks). Prevent Algae with a regular dose of algae inhibitor. Actual dosing needs can be stepped up or down depending on pool temperature. See us instore for what's best suited for you and your pool.
  13. Run filter daily as above.
  14. Check skimmer & pump baskets regularly & scoop leaves, debris as required.
  15. Vacuum pool as required (usually every 1-2 weeks) & backwash the filter afterwards or as required.
  16. Brush pool walls/steps regularly to groom the pool & aid circulation/distribution of chemicals - this eliminates ‘dead spots’ in your pool. (The more use your pool has the less you will need to do this)
  17. Test pool water at least weekly with home test kit for chlorine, pH, alkalinity.
  18. Bring in a water sample monthly for full lab analysis - this avoids guesswork for maintaining good water chemistry.
  19. Thank you for Winterising your pool & happy swimming!