Visit us at 60 Roebuck Road


We are Gisborne’s specialist pool chemical supplier.  We stock a full range of ‘Poolwise’ Pool & Spa chemicals.

Including; all balancers, sanitizers, algaecides, & specialty chemicals.

All competitively priced, to help you keep your pool or spa sparkling year round, & backed up by our helpful advice & tips.

Water Testing:

Water Testing service in store, plus helpful advice & tips on how to treat your pool or spa. Backed up by our ‘Poolwise’ Water Testing programme, with computer printout, to help you keep your pool water properly balanced, cleaner & healthier.

  • Proper Water Chemical Balance helps ensure:
  • Bather comfort
  • Sanitizer (chlorine) efficiency
  • Protection of pool surface & equipment.

Simply bring us in a sample of your water in one of our sample bottles provided & we’ll test it for you!