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Pool Filter & Vacuuming Instructions:

Always turn pump OFF before moving valve positions, or connecting & disconnecting the pool vacuum otherwise serious damage will occur.

Sand Filter 'Multi Port Valve' Positions:

To change valve functions, depress handle & rotate to desired position, release handle & ensure it springs back into place.

Filter - Normal position for pool filtering & vacuuming. Returns clean water to pool. Run filter 6-8 hours in summer, 2-4 hours in winter depending on pool size. Angle pool return jets down 30-45 degrees to improve circulation.

Backwash - Reverses water flow through tank & cleans accumulated debris from the filter sand media. Backwash for 30-60 seconds or until the filter backwash sight glass runs clear. Backwash only when necessary, approximately every 1-2 weeks in summer for most domestic pools, or, after vacuuming pool, or when pressure gauge reaches 'clean' or approx 120 kpa. Disconnect vacuum when backwashing.

Rinse - After backwashing run filter on rinse cycle for approx 15-20 seconds or until sight glass is clear to clear valve chamber to waste.

Waste - Runs water directly to waste, bypasses the filter to drain excess water from pool, or to vacuum heavy deposits from pool floor. Watch water level. Do not try to drain the pool this way.

Recirculate - Bypasses the filter & returns water directly to the pool. Maintenance position, or for adding large chemical additions.

Closed - Maintenance position. Do not turn pump on in this position. Closes valve against pump.

To Vacuum Pool:

    • Ensure pool water level is at the correct level (usually ¾ way up the skimmer face) & filter is running properly before vacuuming.
    • Your vacuuming equipment should consist of; a telescopic pole, a vacuum head, a length of pool vacuum hose with 2 cuffs at each end, a pool scoop, a pool broom or brush.
    • Before vacuuming; scoop leaves & large items from pool floor before vacuuming. Check & empty skimmer & pump baskets. Brush walls, corners, steps where there may be poor circulation or the vacuum won't reach.
    • Attach vacuum head to pole, attach one end of the vacuum hose to the fitting on the vacuum head.
    • Vacuum hose must be full of water before being connected to the filter system. Place the head into the water & either feed hose under water or hold the free end over a jet to do this. Keep this end under water.
    • STOP THE PUMP & then connect the free end of the vacuum hose to the filter system. In most modern pools this is to the pool skimmer via a vacuum plate that fits over the skimmer basket 1st. (older pools may have a 'Para' floating type skimmer or a separate vacuum point in very old concrete pools - then see us)
    • Start pump & vacuum pool floor slowly in short strokes back & forth until whole pool is covered.
    • Stop pump, disconnect vacuum, then backwash & rinse filter as above to clear accumulated debris. (If pool is very dirty, you may need to stop & do this during vacuuming).
    • Check baskets & empty when completed.

Simon's Tips!

    1. If this takes longer than ½ an hour then you have a problem with the pool or the filter system.
    2. Store your vacuum hose & accessories away out of the sun!